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It's much more enjoyable in 2K22

  • The game's matchmaking is excellent and, in general, you play with 2k22 mt teams that are evenly match-up. The player rating you earn is not the most important factor, but more how smart (or dumb) you're playing. It's painful to be paired up with someone who doesn't defend and just wants to shoot three-pointers, but it's a fact that you cannot escape.

    Street basketball looks a little better than it did last year but you're feeling as if you have more control over what your player does. In previous editions you could get stuck in an animation that needed to play before you could move on. It's much more enjoyable in 2K22.

    A variety of brand new game modes have been added to MyTeam. For instance, on the internet, you can play MyTeam Draft, where you must first choose the players you don't have on your list. This makes the game lot more varied than before.

    "The 100" is an awesome addition. It is not recommended to score more than 100 total points against in multiple games. Whoever is last (and defends the most) takes home the victory. MyTeam is doing everything they can to lure players to purchase player packs or contracts for players after purchasing the game. It's not looking good in the near future.

    The career option that lets you design your own character, and follow through a plot is entirely new. Alongside the basketball game, you could also develop your own fashion line as well as a music career. The interactions you share with your friends aren't as entertaining as they were in GTA, but buy Nba 2k22 Mt also not at all believable.