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RuneScape - I haven't achieved great results

  • What number of hours would it take? Does it take longer to OSRS gold make when you are level 60, and faster at level 98? Does the make xp/h rate rise or decrease? I calculated that it would take around 520 hours... Is real? It's like 7 hours for me. Every level raises the hours of exp per hour, however your primary factors include the dragon hatchet as well as where you cut it, and if you are competing with other players, it can be difficult.

    Do not cut yews below 99. Start with a high level which is, for instance, at least 85. Then, go for the yews. But even then, chances are you'll quit. Have you had any 99s previously? The first 99 is probably going to be done quickly or you'll be tempted to give up. I would suggest cutting willows up to 55 inches, then teaks to the age of 68, and then ivies. It's possible, but I have just 99 Wc.

    None 99s before... and sadly not a mem right now. Current Wcing is 1. Then... 450 hours is about 5 years of playing only on the weekend. In F2P What's the fastest to 99? Fishing, Wcing, or Mining? Which one is more lucrative to 99? Which one earns the most in the course of my life?

    Ok, so I haven't achieved great results, but I do enjoy myself and serve their purpose. Anyways i am contemplating whether I should keep my Bandos Godsword(BGS)? I just bought 75 att last night im my rush just bought it because i wanted one however, i don't think I'll ever need it, since I do not use pks so i don't really have a use for it.

    The bgs I own is as well as all rune gear (obby cape, glory ammy newby yes but that's the money i got, i sold all else but armor) I think i'm going to let it go and purchase an ss for buy OSRS GP str training as well as torags(i like it even know how much it would cost to fix it). )...Should I?