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RuneScape - I've heard of purchasing Membership

  • Making money from scratch? I'd say it's much easier than it was in the past. It's now possible to OSRS gold use Lodestones, which basically teleport you to major cities. That in itself helps make the process much more simple. In addition, with the introduction of Divination Daily Locations you can easily accumulate things like Adamant ore, Magic Logs, Grenwall Spikes and more. If you're a combat-oriented type, Frost Dragons are still your best bet.

    Is there a steady population for most of these activities? Some have died out in the past, but it's not a good sign. Certain games (like Castle Wars and Barbarian Assault) are a requirement for the Completionists' Cape, so you'll likely be able to find players of those games.

    What is the best place to start if you were to begin? Herb runs can go quite a distance. Additionally, I can see how these changes can be daunting initially, so I'd suggest you play in Legacy Mode first. It has a similar feel to the old version of the game.

    I've heard of purchasing Membership with ingame currency. what is this like? Are they easy to maintain or not and what's the price like? You've heard correctly. The item you're looking for is called a "Bond." When you take one away, you'll get one year of membership, currently, they cost 7,000,000 dollars. So if you're able to make an average of 500,000 coins per day, then this should be easily sustained. To put that into perspective one hour of Frost Dragons gives you around 3-4 million coins.

    With Defence resets and double XP weekend and ironman mode in the near future, I'm still not certain what I intend to do with my account. I'm working towards Untrim Slay that's running, but old school runescape buy gold what should I do next?