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Complete installation steps for wiring hidden gps tracking devi

  • The use of hidden gps tracking devices has become very common. Because of its convenience and ease of use, it is favored by many car owners. But there are several types of hidden gps tracking devices. The most complicated one is to connect the GPS tracker, which needs to be connected to the line on the car. The complete steps to install a hidden gps tracking device are:

    1. Understand the vehicle structure and determine the best installation plan.

    2. Confirm the installation position suitable for the vehicle terminal host, GPS antenna, power-off relay and other objects. (Note: In addition to the external hanging accessories, the selection principle is concealed installation. The vehicle terminal should be installed in a stable, shock-proof, waterproof, heat-insulated, and concealed place. When installing the GPS antenna, ensure that the receiving surface is facing upward, and the horizontal inclination shall not be allowed. If the angle is greater than 15°, there should be no metal objects above the antenna or places that are not easily blocked by artificial metal objects.)

    3. Find the color and position of the power cable (DC 12~24V), ignition switch cable (ACC) and other wires closest to the terminal and mark them well.

    4. Start wiring after the installation location of each component is selected. (Note: The wiring should be neat and consistent with the original wiring of the vehicle as much as possible. The wiring harness must be tightly wrapped with electrical tape to avoid high temperature areas and prevent the wiring harness from being squeezed by some moving parts. The GPS antenna should be installed completely concealed as much as possible, so that It is not easy to be hung up or broken or vandalized.)

    5. Line connection. When parallel wiring operation is required, a section of the bare core of about 10-15mm should be pulled from the original wire with a wire stripper, and then the parallel core head should be perforated and then wrapped and tightened; when serial wiring operation is required, Divide the two wire ends to be connected into two strands and twist them with each other, and then join them together to ensure a firm connection. The vehicle terminal is connected with various accessories, the connectors should be aligned and inserted, and the output and input lines should be connected firmly. (Note: All newly exposed connecting lines should be wrapped with waterproof electrical tape at the end to prevent the joints from being oxidized and corroded over time.)

    6. Connect the host, and then turn on the backup power supply. If you need to replace the card, follow the following procedures: turn off the backup power supply - unplug the host wiring harness (disconnect the main power supply) - replace the card - connect the host wiring harness - turn on the backup power supply.

    7. Detection equipment function: power-on test to check whether each indicator light is normal; the status of red light, yellow light or other color indicator light is judged according to the manual to determine whether it is located and normal.

    8. Use the phone to dial the SIM card (telephone card) in the vehicle terminal, and it will hang up after 4 rings, which is regarded as the normal vehicle terminal system.

    9. Send a text message command to the SIM card in the vehicle terminal, the machine will reply the text message "The command to shut down the engine has been executed", and the vehicle will turn off immediately or fail to start normally, it is considered that the remote locking function is normal.

    10. If there is a monitor recording function, it is also necessary to test whether the monitor recording function works normally. (If there are other functions customized by customers, please test whether they can be used normally after installation.)

    11. After the test is completed, glue the terminal and accessories with high-strength double-sided tape, and tighten them with cable ties. After that, restore all the decorative panels and objects on the car as they are, and clean up the debris left over from the installation in the car.

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