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New World Valentine’s Day cosmetics cause server-crashing bug

  • While these cosmetic items are still available to players who buy them, New World players are no strangers to the various bugs in the game, but few would have thought that a seemingly innocuous Valentine’s Day cosmetic could cause a serious server crash bug. Many people buy New World Coins to get what they want, but this is unpredictable.

    Just hours after a variety of Valentine’s Day-themed cosmetics went on sale at New World some time ago, Amazon pulled them from the store, much to the confusion of players. It turns out that these skins have a potential bug that could crash servers, although Amazon says players who successfully purchased the skins should still be able to use them. Cosmetics will be returned to the store once a fix is found. Players can buy New World Coins to get them.

    This isn’t the first serious bug to hit New World, and it probably won’t be the last. In the months since the game’s launch in September 2021, Amazon has disabled the game’s entire player-driven economy multiple times to Buy New World Coins duplication bugs, a problem that has had players straight-up invincible must be addressed Mistake. While most of these major issues were resolved quickly, unfortunately, this has been a common theme whenever New World releases a new update.

    Amazon announced that New World won’t receive any new content in February, instead focusing on delivering quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes for the game’s next update. In a recent developer update, the New World team said it has learned that more time is needed to update the game in the game’s public beta area in order to spot potential game-breaking issues and take player feedback into account. New World recently received new endgame content as Mutated Expeditions, allowing players to solve harder versions of the game’s higher-level dungeons for better rewards. So players can buy New World Coins at IGGM to improve their strength and get more rewards.