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New World server transfers players can receive some tokens

  • For players who have been waiting for a mobile server, now is their chance. After the long-awaited second distribution of server transfer tokens, players will once again transfer servers. On Tuesdays at 4pm CT, players will receive rare tokens. They can also prepare some New World Coins to get better performance in the new world. These allow them to move from their current server to a new server of their choice, but again, there are some limitations.

    As last time, players can only use transfer tokens to move between servers in the same region. Tokens are also account-based, so players will only get one for their account, not each character. However, Transfer tokens do not expire, which means players can hold them as much as they want. Of course, players can also use New World Coins to help themselves do more.

    With issuing these tokens, some worlds are now marked “full”. Players cannot transfer to these closed servers, but can take their characters out. How to prepare for server transfer? Before changing servers, players need to Buy New World Coins. This includes making sure they are inside a settlement and have left their company. Players who leave will also need to delete any active Trading Post or sell orders before using the tokens.

    When ready, head to the New World store and select “World Transfer”. Redeem free tokens from here by purchasing moves. Select the server they want from the list, and once players confirm it will ship them. It is unclear when players will receive more tokens, so they need to use them wisely. Of course, players can also buy New World Coins at IGGM to get everything they want. There they can also get FFXIV Gil, a rare currency in the popular FFXIV. Try it!