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New World: How new players can better use Melee Weapons

  • As we all know, New World operates under a classless system, so a player's "class" or build is purely defined by the weapon the player chooses to use. Players can use melee weapons at any given time, and with options available, there are many weapon and skill sets. Melee weapons in New World are very complex. Players can freely choose a fast one-handed weapon or a slow two-handed weapon.

    All of these weapons can be used for DPS, but only a few have the ability to directly tank without relying on dodging. One-handed melee tends to be a stronger DPS option, but two-handed melee packs a decent amount of punch, but hits the ball slower. Two-handed melee also offers plenty of crowd control and destruction potential that most one-handed melees lack. Sword and Shield are the first weapons players will Buy New World Coins use in New World and feature balanced offense and defense.

    Focusing on swordsmanship makes the player a very capable melee DPS. Sword and Shield measures its damage by strength and agility, so these are the stats players will want to focus on most. Strength is the primary attribute of this weapon, and it scales its damage faster than Dexterity. It's usually paired with an axe for tank setups, but is flexible enough to pair with just about any weapon.

    The Whirling Blade is a high damage attack that hits everything within two meters of the player. The Whirlwind Blade remains one of the best AoE options a New World Coins sword has, with greater range and coverage for light attacks. The ultimate skill in this skill tree is Leadership, which grants the player and all of the player's allies 10% increased damage while partying. Additionally, players can quickly arm themselves by purchasing New World Coins from NewWorldCoins.