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The Naraka: Bladepoint Mid-Autumn Festival gets underway today

  • Naraka: Bladepoint is an unusual game. For instance, one potential surprise for battle royale FPS players is that Naraka works best in solos, where you won't end up in impossible 1v2 and 1v3 melee fights. I'd still rather play trios with friends, but I love the tension in big solo free-for-all fights, where everyone wants to get a kill but is always also on the verge of running away to heal, simultaneously playing cat and mouse. When it gets down to two healed-up players stalking each other through the trees, Naraka: Bladepoint's thrills match the genre's best.

    The Naraka: Bladepoint Mid-Autumn Festival gets underway today, giving players a chance to earn a limited-time currency called Mooncakes, which you can use to unlock numerous rewards. Along with the event, a new hero has been added to the melee battle royale, Valda Cui. There’s a lot going on during the Mid-Autumn Festival, so I’ve put together a neat and tidy guide to ensure you get all the rewards.

    You can also earn Mid-Autumn Giftboxes during the pre-game lobby of The Herald’s Trial – the ranked battle royale mode. When it is night time in the lobby, you need to find and release 10 lanterns around the waiting area. If this is completed during the time limit, everyone in the lobby will get a Mid-Autumn Giftbox. You may earn up to three boxes per day.

    There are four cosmetic rewards you can unlock with the Mooncakes you earn during the festival. The cheapest is an Epic Dagger skin called Greenfang. The next cheapest is the Golden Twilight Epic Background for all heroes. The two most coveted rewards are the Legendary animated Lunar Beauty Avatar and the Legendary Lunar Beauty Accessory for Valda Cui.

    If you play Naraka: Bladepoint every day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can earn enough Mooncakes to unlock all the cosmetic rewards, as well as two or three Tidal Treasures.

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