Blogs » Technology » Unreal demand? Irregular sales worth billions ignite fierce NFT

Unreal demand? Irregular sales worth billions ignite fierce NFT

  • Unreal demand: Irregular sales worth billions fire up wild NFT market


    An image of a computer-generated person in pixels is sold for approximately $50.6 million of cryptocurrency on a new online exchange that supports non-exchangeable became a stranger Five minutes later, "Meebit" NFT, the virtual character, is wearing purple shorts and green sneakers.

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    confused? Welcome to the bizarre and wild world of NFTs, a new breed of crypto-encrypted digital assets. From images and videos to clothing for the avatar. They've been hugely popular in the past year as part of the startup economy and are largely unregulated for a very excited metaverse.

    Meebit, which can be used as a profile picture, is exchanged between two crypto wallets. anonymous While the underlying blockchain technology creates a public record when an NFT is sold, it does not record the names of those involved. One person can own multiple wallets. by acting as both a buyer and a seller in the trade