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I haven't played Runescape in over 6 years

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    Hey, I haven't played Runescape in over 6 years, not since I was an addict, brain-washed child. My account was compromised due to my being a novice in working emails, and not being able to tell a fake email from one that was genuine, however, that's not the issue; I lost control over my account is the most important thing. At the time, I was transitioning to games like World of Warcraft, and as such, I had little incentive for putting effort into restoring my account. And so I didn't, I left it to the hacker.

    A little over six years later and referred to as last week, I decided to reinvestigate Runescape and find out how it has changed since I last played it in 2007. Also, I decided to retrieve my account an easy task given that I had ample evidence of the initial 2 year of my account.

    Within a couple of messages, Jagex decided I was the owner of the account. As I left my account, it wasn't incredible, it only had just a few million, a few pieces of barrows armour and the odd pieces of armour and weaponry, and generally a bank filled with junk and quest items,alongside medium level statsranging between levels 40-90.

    While I was connecting my email for my account, as well as setting up recovery questions and that JAG guardian thingy, writing new passwords, I thought about what my account would look like when I signed in. The thing is, I was expecting something, but nothing really. Similar statistics, but with an empty bank drained by what I thought buy fire cape osrs would have been gp sellers.