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How to get Snow-Covered Parcels faster in Life Day of Star Wars

  • Life Day is an annual event, held during the holidays. Players can take part in it now, and its end date is January 11. It is a traditional Star Wars type of holiday. It was invented by Lucas for the Star Wars Holiday Special. Players can buy SWTOR Credits to make themselves more smooth in the event. But in Life Day, players can use another currency to do all kinds of things.

    They can take some measures to speed up the rate of earning Life Day currency. The event may last a long time, but this does not mean that players should not use these skills and shorten the run-in time. So they can use the following tips to get Snow-Covered Parcels quickly.

    Snowball Buff. Players can throw snowballs at targets that are already covered by snow, as long as the other person is the last to hit that specific target. Contrary to the description of Life Day Snowball Bomb, the lock to receive Snow-Covered Parcels only applies to their own buff. When other people throw a snowball at the target, their buff will cover it, allowing them to Buy SWTOR Credits and it is off cool down. This means that it is most effective for multiple people to throw snowballs at the same target during cooldown, such as Overheated Gift Droid.

    Life Day Snowball Cannon. There is an item sometimes sold on Cartel Market during Life Day, called Life Day Snowball Cannon. Players can also buy it on GTN. It can also provide you with Snow-Covered Parcels and decorations from Overheated Gift Droid, with a separate green buff. So players can buy SWTOR Credits to make themselves perform well during the event and get various rewards.