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Some methods about crafting in Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • To start crafting in Star Wars: The Old Republic, players need to find and receive the crafting trainers tutorial and use the Crew Skills system. Many game mechanics have changed in the past decade since Star Wars: The Old Republic was first released. However, apart from some extensions and overall improvements, craft in SWTOR is still the main content of the overall experience. Even for players who don’t pay attention to craft, it can be an excellent tool to complete Conquest objectives, increase companion influence, and get higher-rated gear and modifications. Of course, players can also buy SWOTR Credits to get this advanced equipment.

    Learning to craft in SWTOR is a fairly simple process, even for players who may have overlooked it and have passed the introduction to Buy SWTOR Credits. In the main fleets of the Republic and Empire, near the starting planet, players can get the Crafting Trainers tutorial quest. This task will guide players to get their first Crew Skills by marking the crafting trainers’ location on the map and providing step-by-step instructions for interacting with them, although it does not include the actual crafting process.

    Once players enter the Strongholds and Crew Skills areas of the SWTOR faction fleet, they can choose to explore different crafting, gathering and mission crew skills. They can right-click each trainer and automatically add skill information to their SWTOR Codex. Players can train over one kind of gathering or mission skills at a time, but can only specialize in one crafting skill.

    They can also choose any combination of skills. However, it is recommended that players choose to collect and task personnel skills to provide the materials needed to craft items that can be used in their well-trained crafting skills. They can also find recommended crew skills for various production skills in Codex. Players can also buy SWTOR Credits on to make their crafting easier. Now they can also use the code “XMAS” to get a 7% discount! (2021.12.23-2021.12.31). Try it together!