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Explanation of some Core Attributes in New World

  • In New World, if players want to know more about the gameplay, they can buy New World Coins and also need to know the core attributes in the game. Here are some of the things players can learn about.

    Party Roles. Defenders or DPS classes that specialize in melee damage focus on this Core Attribute. A character’s strength determines how effectively they can use their chosen weapon.
    Primary Weapons. All those big, shiny ones that slam the most; battleaxes, greataxes, greatswords, and warhammers. Players can also buy New World Coins to get powerful weapons.
    Secondary Weapons. Only the spear uses strength as its secondary Attribute Score.

    Party Roles. DPS, so melee fighters and archers will get most of the points in Dexterity. This is the Attribute Score for ranged and smaller, faster melee weapons.
    Primary Weapons. The skills and effects of a character’s use of muskets, rapiers, bows and spears are determined by Dexterity. Bows are only related to Dexterity.
    Secondary Weapons. Both the sword and shield combo and the axe use Dexterity as a secondary score.

    Party Roles. Ranged or melee damage, but mostly magic damage. Characters with high Intelligence scores are first and foremost magic users. As a secondary Core Attribute, proficiency with weapons and ranged damage dealers is also important.
    Primary Weapons. Ice Gauntlets and Fire Staves use Intelligence as their primary stat value. Neither weapon uses secondary weapons.
    Secondary Weapons. Muskets and rapiers use Intellect as a secondary stat.

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