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New World will continue Server Merges in 2022

  • Amazon Game Studios is gearing up for the first server merger between the Avalon and Ramaja worlds in Central Europe in 2022. Earlier this month, players were warned about the merger as New World prepares to merge Ramaja on February 4. A lot of players buy New World Coins and want a more balanced game.

    Server merges have become a necessity in New World for several reasons. Back in December 2021, Amazon Game Studios merged hundreds of servers as they tried to rebalance factions and feed heavily depopulated servers with large numbers of players. Although this is only the first merger in 2022, Amazon Game Studios says there are more in the works.

    New World ran into several issues after launch. Gold dupes, problematic server queues, and combat bugs are just some problems players have encountered, and certainly one reason New World struggles to keep players. In the January 25th patch, more bugs appeared, causing items to disappear and more. So many players buy Cheap New World Coins to increase their gaming experience.

    Fortunately, AGS could fix some inventory issues with an emergency patch a day later, but it finally rolled an additional fix out last week aimed at addressing some ongoing issues related to items disappearing when dropped and picked up too fast. Despite some issues, New World has gained a strong player base. Whether players are sticking with New World or planning to move on, Amazon Game Studios wants players to know they have more content and a ton of new content coming soon. And they can also Buy New World Coins at IGGM to have more game fun.