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The New World team will focus on technical issues in February

  • Amazon Games has updated the New World website to give the community a peek at what’s in store for February’s MMORPG. Instead of adding new content, the developers focused on addressing some of the more pressing issues in the game, including some general fixes and combat updates. Many players buy New World Coins for a better gaming experience. Here are the quests and issues that the NW team is currently working on in the game.

    General issues
    Fixed a bug where quickly dropping and picking up items could cause them to disappear from bags and inventory. Fixed an issue where collision geometry could disappear at region boundaries. Fixed an issue that prevented players from returning home quickly or respawning at home under certain circumstances.

    To prevent Juniper Berries’ limited time bags from being exploited, and to give players a layer of progression and the potential for additional New World Coins at the end of the game, they have updated the New World Coins reward payout. If players lack New World Coins, they can also buy New World Coins on the site. The housing system has overhauled the way data is stored. This is to prevent problems with players losing houses or items. Weekly Mutator plan rotation may not be available. The developers added additional code to help them track down the issue.

    Combat Updates
    Void Gauntlet. Fixed an issue where Mending Evasion would reset players’ minimum active cooldowns.
    Rapier. Fixed an issue where wrapping the Rapier after triggering an evasion would cause the player to gain a constant movement speed buff.
    Ice Gauntlet. Fixed Ice Gauntlet’s Punishing Storm increasing damage to all players and not just Ice Storm’s.

    These fixes help a lot with the balance of the game, and if players want a smoother journey, they can Buy New World Coins at IGGM and have the best experience there. Go quickly!