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The Advantages And Great Requirements For Temperature Of Glass

  • With the popularity of mobile phones, cameras, computers and other digital products in China, protective film has gradually become a general term for screen protective film, and its functions in the field of screen protective film are also varied, from the earliest high-definition anti-scratch film, to Now the anti-fingerprint film, anti-glare film, mirror film, anti-theft film, and anti-ultraviolet film and other functional protective films are favored. The gradual expansion of the protective film field also means the development and rise of this industry. Now there are not only protective films for electronic screens, but also glass protective films, furniture protective films, etc., which are closely related to our lives. Let's take a look the advantages of glass protective film and the requirements for temperature in production.


    Advantages of glass protective film:


    1) Protective film type adhesives, adhesive films with solvent-based rubber adhesives, solvent-based acrylate adhesives, water-based acrylate adhesives, silicone adhesives, acrylic resin adhesives, the most common application of such products, protective film it can be easily Adjusted adhesion and good transparency and weather resistance.


    2) The self-adhesive film of the protective film is generally produced by total extrusion and its self-adhesive layer is generally EVA, ultra-low density polyethylene or polyolefin plastic body resin. This type of structure has gradually become the mainstream of the market, because it has more advantages of more adhesive films, such as no residual rubber, and provides stable adherence and reduces user costs and glass protective film manufacturers create high profit.


    In the process of using the protective film, the types of adhesives for the coating film include solvent-based rubber adhesives, solvent-based acrylic adhesives, water-based acrylic adhesives, and silicone adhesives. Among them, water-based protective film acrylic adhesives are commonly used in such products. The protective film can easily adjust the adhesive force, and has good transparency and weather resistance. Users can choose a suitable protective film according to the selection requirements and transparency of the protective film.


    Glass & Home Appliances Protective Film

    In the production of PE protective film, there are great requirements for temperature:


    1, the heating stage.


    On the premise of ensuring that the PE protective film blank is not affected by the steam, the heating time should be shortened as much as possible, as long as the steam is continuously and evenly fed into the curing chamber for 1 to 1.5 hours.


    For example, under the humid and hot conditions of 96-100°C, the constant temperature time is 8 hours in spring, 8 hours in autumn, 7 hours in summer, and 10 hours in winter. In the cooling stage, when the production volume is large and the space of the curing room is not enough, the door of the curing room should be opened, and rapid cooling will be adopted, which will cause the temperature difference stress between the surface and the inside of the PE protective film body, which will cause the surface layer to be stretched and easily form micro-cracks. Therefore, the cooling rate must be controlled, the cooling rate should not exceed 10°C every 30 minutes, and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the curing room should not be greater than 30°C, and the finished PE protective film can be released from the room.


    2, the constant temperature stage.


    The constant temperature stage is an important stage for the green body to undergo hydration and hydrothermal synthesis to increase its strength. With the extension of the constant temperature time, the hydrates gathered more and more, and the strength increased faster and faster, but after the constant temperature reached a certain time, the strength growth began to slow down.


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