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What Is The Floor Protective Film Used For?

  • The floor protective film is suitable for all interior decoration and decoration. Before the decoration starts, stick the film on the surface of the floor to protect the floor from the contamination and erosion of sand, dust, paint and paint during the decoration process, and not to cause damage and scratches due to direct friction with other objects. It can also be used on the flat furniture, the adhesion performance test is easy to paste on the surface of the object, leaving no glue residue, bending 90 degrees with the object, no cracking, no falling off, after the decoration is completed, the film is torn off, eliminating a lot of cleaning work , can better protect the floor and furniture in good condition.


    After the floor tiles are laid, use the finished protective film to cover the brick surface, which can not only prevent the sand from scratching the ground during decoration, but also effectively prevent paint and other colored liquids from dripping on the brick surface and causing ground pollution. Protection of bathtub and washbasin in bathroom. Under normal circumstances, the bathtub and washbasin in the bathroom are installed relatively early, and a large amount of dust, small cement slag and other foreign objects will inevitably be generated in the later construction.


    Protective Film for Floor and Tile

    During the construction process, the ground, walls, stairs, corridors, furniture, etc. will inevitably be stained with cement, sand and dust, or even painted or scratched by sharp objects. Some owners spent nearly ten thousand yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan to buy them. The tiles are ruined before they are finished. Although it is said that they will do fine cleaning work after the decoration, every owner will feel very uncomfortable when they see such a scene. Therefore, it is necessary to use decorative floor protective film during decoration construction.


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