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The Widely Usage Of PE Protective Film

  • After each product is generated, some external packaging is required to prevent the product from being affected by any external force. This will cause some wear and loss. Therefore, products such as protective shells and protective films are not uncommon in life and work. Protective film is one of them. Different products need different protective films to protect them. It depends on the material of the product.


    PE is a white waxy solid, slightly horny, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. Except for film, all other products are opaque. This is due to the high crystallinity of PE. The polymerization method is different, the density is different, LDPE density is 0.91~0.93 g/cm3, MDPE density is 0.93~0.94 g/cm3, HDPE density is 0.94~0.97 g/cm3. The density of PE has a great influence on the mechanical properties and can be used as a PE protective film. The higher the density, the better the mechanical properties except toughness, so the mechanical properties of LDPE are lower, but the toughness is better. PE is a typical soft and durable polymer. Among the various mechanical properties of pe masking film plastic materials, except for high impact strength, other mechanical properties are low.

     Protective Film for Aluminum Composite Panel

    The most common protective film in our daily life is only the protective film for food preservation and related electronic products. Therefore, we introduce the PE protective film in detail. It is an important part of the protection of industrial products, the most widely used protective film. In fact, the application range of PE protective film is beyond our imagination. For example, anti-scratch film can be used for computer cases and solar panels, and PE blue protective film can be used for glass panels in the hardware industry. Protective film for wood is used in the sheet or plastic industry, and other industries that can also be used in the printing industry, wire/cable industry, electronics industry, mobile phone digital industry, optoelectronic industry backlight boards, cold light film, mobile phone screens, equipment and acrylic, etc. .


    The manufacturing material of PE protective film is polyethylene, but it can be divided into high-density polyethylene protective film, medium-density polyethylene film and low-density polyethylene film according to different density. It is the most common organic arrangement structure and chemical polymer compound. It is also the most widely used polymer material today, and this protective film has its own advantages. For example, it can prevent certain products from being contaminated and worn during manufacturing and transportation, and protect the original smooth surface.


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