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The Difference Between PET Silicone Protective Film And Acrylic

  • The features of each product are now being better utilized. Many products appearing in the market nowadays have their own advantages. There are many products that are related to packaging materials because they have many uses. In addition, the production technology of packaging products has been further improved. Protective films have become a very important industry in the new era, especially in furniture protection films. Protective film is also one of the packaging materials, so the development of protective film is still possible.PET protective film is usually divided into PET silicone protective film and PET acrylic protective film. Professionals can clearly differentiate between silicone protective film and acrylic protective film, but it is difficult for some people who have not been in this protective film profession for a long time. Some customers don't even understand whether they need acrylic or silicone film.

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    1) The easiest and most convenient way is to scrape the adhesive exterior of the protective film with your fingernail. Silicone protective film is a non-gum and powder film, while acrylic protective film will occur with white powder and glue. Due to this function, silicone protective film is also called powder-free adhesive


    2) Difference smell: silicone protective film is colorless and tasteless, while acrylic is the opposite.


    3) After burning, silicone protective film becomes gray, and acrylic protective film is liquid.


    In addition, PET silicone protective film and PET acrylic protective film and the following differences.


    1) Acrylic adhesive has high viscosity and adhesive will remain after peeling off the glue, but the viscosity of silicone is lower.


    2)Put the protective film on the appearance of the object to be adhered, and then use your finger to gently point, quickly stick, almost no bubbles or less is silicone protective film. But acrylic adhesive is bonded very slowly.


    3) In terms of transparency, acrylic protective film is better than silicone protective film.


    4) silicone has outstanding heat resistance, easy to control the flatness of the adhesive surface, and has excellent low-temperature function. Acrylic adhesive is easy to produce and process, with good transparency, low price, good weather resistance and high viscosity.


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