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History Of Protective Films By Material 2

  • Analyzing the development history of protective film products from the perspective of protective film manufacturing materials, we can clearly find that protective film has gone through four stages of development. These four stages are: PP, PVC, PET, and ARM, which are the four constantly updated material stages. At present, PP protective film has long been eliminated by manufacturers, PVC protective film is generally produced in the market, the mainstream protective film is made of PET, and ARM protective film products are high-end products with the highest price.


    ARM material protective film

    ARM protective film is the best protective film on the market today. It is not just one type of material, but a composite material that has all the advantages of PET. Compared to PET film, the difference is that the outer layer is a special treatment layer, not just a PET layer. The special treatment layer is divided into AG and HC layers, AG is the anti-glare treatment, which is used for ARM frosted films, and HC is the hardness treatment, which is used for what we usually call high transmission films. The biggest difference between ARM HD and frosted films is the use of composite materials. The difference between the two is the light transmission rate, which is equivalent to the original PET HD film, and the surface of the ARM HD film is treated with a special process to achieve 95% light transmission and no reflection on the surface. More importantly, the life span of ARM film is longer, once applied, it lasts a lifetime.


    Protective film manufacturer

    After understanding the history of the above protective film materials, we can see that each material emerges to make up for the shortcomings of its predecessor or to meet the needs of users. Currently, there are three types of screen protectors available in the market: PVC, PET and ARM. The prices of these three types of protective films cover all user groups from low to high, which in turn divides users into three different consumer classes. After the emergence of PET protective film, with the progress of production technology, there are HD and frosted, which divides the user demand into two different types. Looking ahead, is there a material that combines the different consumer classes and demand types into one product in the future? The answer is no, for two reasons: First, it is limited to the long research and development cycle of new materials, especially such materials directly converted from chemical substances, there is no hope before the application of chemical materials without new breakthroughs: Second, the unification of consumer class and demand, which is not in line with modern marketing theory.


    As a protective film manufacturer, we have analyzed the history of protective films by material and have been developing products to meet the needs of the market.