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The Usage And Material Of Aluminium Sheet PE Protection Film

  • What is the material of the aluminium sheet protection film, the use of protective film is more common in the hardware industry. Some of the plates, tubes etc. are protected from damage by protective film. Basically smooth surface products use protective film, such as plastic, glass, stainless steel, aluminium sheets etc. There are also various substrates for protective films. There are PET, PE, PP, PVC, AR, etc. Today, we will investigate what is the base material of the aluminium sheet protective film.PE protective film is a layer of plastic film applied tightly on aluminium, mainly to protect the production and manufacture of good aluminium in the loading and unloading, inventory, transportation, processing, installation and a series of whole process will not be damaged, after the installation of aluminium is completed, by the installation workers tear off, and thus make the surface of the aluminium smooth as a new mouth, to play a due decorative design of the actual effect.


    Aluminium protective film base material is made of polyethylene (PE) material, its characteristics are


    1. good softness of Xinhao aluminium protection film, fast adhesion to the surface of the pasted profile


    2. low rate of increase in peel strength after pasting the board


    3. high buffering strength.


    4. The adhesive of Xinhao aluminium sheet protection film has good stability and will not remain after being peeled off by the pasted product and will not have adverse effects on the protected surface.


    Colour of aluminium protective film substrate (PE): transparent, milky white, black and white, yellow white, also the colour can be decided according to the user's requirements and template.


    Application range of PE protective film for aluminium sheet:Mainly used for surface protection of aluminium (aluminium sheet, fluoro aluminium sheet, decorative sheet, etc.) to avoid damage in transportation, storage and processing, installation.


    Protective Film for Aluminum Panel

    What is the material of the above Xinhao aluminum sheet protection film? All content, pe material protective film are widely used in plastic, hardware, lenses, backlight, etc., is to prevent damage, dust, electrostatic adsorption of protective film.


    Sales market aluminum products variety, aluminum surface treatment technology also continued to improve. A variety of aluminium surface treatment technology contains: grinding polishing, chemical polishing, anodic oxidation treatment coloring, electrophoresis paint, organic chemical coloring, fluorine carbon spraying, electrostatic powder coating, surface pattern treatment, etc., different aluminium surface needs to choose different adhesive PE protective film. PE protective film products generally have low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity and extra high viscosity 4 series of products; the colour has a full transparent, milky white, dark blue, black and white, etc.; thin thickness of 4-12C (common thin thickness of 8C/9C), so you need to choose different PE protective film according to the different surfaces of aluminium.


    According to the surface and film pressure is not the same, the viscosity rise rate is different, generally should be placed in sufficient time and then detached from the protective film to clarify whether the viscosity is suitable. For a certain surface, it is essential to select a PE protective film with the right amount of adhesive and viscosity, and the subsequent processing is important in determining the viscosity.


    General smooth surface selection of low viscosity PE protective film, such as grinding polishing, chemical polishing aluminum; medium level not smooth surface selection of medium viscosity PE protective film, such as anodic oxidation treatment coloring, electrophoresis on the paint, organic chemical coloring, fluorocarbon spraying, bright surface electrostatic powder spraying aluminum; very not smooth surface selection of high viscosity PE protective film, such as electrostatic powder-like sandblasting treatment aluminum; need to carry out fiber laser cutting words. Because of the heat shrinkage of the protective film, a particularly high viscosity film should be used. In addition to adhesion, the customer also needs to test the tensile strength and elongation of the protective film to ensure that the film is flexible and compressive.


    Through the understanding of Xinhao aluminium sheet protection film, we have fully grasped the application and material of protective film, and believe that through these understandings we must be able to have our own opinions and judgments on the choice of brand. We have many years of experience in the production and sales of Xinhao protective film, with high-tech technology and satisfactory service to harvest many customers at home and abroad, I believe that our Xinhao aluminium sheet protection film will make you satisfied.