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What Are the Tips for Choosing Glass Protection Film?

  • What are the precautions to take when applying window film? The first time you put up glass window protective film, you are always worried that it will be bad, and there are a variety of glass film products on the market.


    1. Observe the clarity


    Regardless of the colour shades of glass window protective film, when you buy it, you must pay attention to the outer contours of the items through the film glass to see if they are clear and distinguishable.


    2 Smell


    The poor quality film will give off a very pungent smell when the lining is torn away, good glass window protective film will not have much of an odor.


    3. Check for air bubbles


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    When glass window protective film is peeled back and laminated again, poor quality film will bubble up, but the film will still look intact.


    What else should I be aware of when applying glass film?


    1. Pay attention to surface cleanliness, wipe with alcohol and a cleaning cloth first.


    2. Pay attention to the orientation of the film, first from the edge of the alignment slowly down the paste can avoid bubbles


    3. It is recommended to choose PU glass window protective film for glass, glass window protective film exhaust speed block, no residual glue, no blistering, and other characteristics suitable for glass.


    How to see the haze of PE protective film?


    As we all know, PE protective film to our life has brought great convenience, mainly in the production and processing, transportation, storage, and use process, the product by pollution, corrosion, damage, damage and other surface protection, can effectively protect the product originally glossy surface, improve the quality of products and market competitiveness.


    Now, PE protective film with the market demand is expanding, but some bad manufacturers in order to obtain profiteering, mass production of low-quality, low imitation products, fake, cheap goods, can not guarantee the rights and interests of users. Therefore, it is here that many users are reminded that in order to choose a protective film they must master optional techniques such as identifying the material and not be hoodwinked by undesirable industries because of the favorable price.


    Clearly visible, this is difficult to recognize with the naked eye. It is best to measure it with an optical instrument. Another simple method is to select individual protective films, cut them out one by one in the center of the computer desktop, create a blank WORD file on the computer and check the extent to which the blank WORD file turns white in areas of the computer without film and film and in areas without film. Compare them separately and choose the brightest material that is the most transparent protective film.


    From the point of view of anti-bruising, whether the protective film is anti-bruising or not, the anti-bruising material currently on the market is roughly the same, with poor performance and only the difference between anti-bruising and non-anti-bruising. The measurement method is a pencil with a hardness of 3H, pressed 10 times with a force of 500G at an angle of 45 degrees to the PE protective film, if there is no damage, it can be considered to meet the requirements of 3H hardness.


    Look at the haze, how to see the haze of PE protective film? First, if the display is turned off, let's take a look. The method is the same, after pasting each protective film in turn, the more the bottom colour of the screen is displayed, the smaller the haze is, the better the material is, and the easier it is to see the difference by using a black test plate for this method.


    Through the observation of haze, there are other methods to reasonably buy PU glass window protective film, I believe we Xinhao glass window protective film will make you satisfied, we have many years of production and sales experience, glass window protective film are exported to overseas and domestic, with a large number of orders.