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What Causes Pe Protective Film to Leave Residual Glue?

  • What is PE protective film?


    After each product has been formed and carried out, some external packaging must be carried out to prevent the product from being hit by external forces, which can cause some wear and tear and lead to damage. The sandwich panel steel protective film is one of the products that are often seen in everyday life or at work. Different products require different types of sandwich panel steel protective film to carry out maintenance, depending on the raw material of the product.


    The most common types of protective film used in our daily lives are vegetable protection film and protective film for electronic equipment. In fact, the main uses of PE protective film for sandwich panel steel are more common, for example, in the hardware industry on the shell of the computer, solar power solar panels, glass, etc., in the field of optics, backlight panels, cold light film, mobile phone screens, etc., in the field of plastics, dashboards, acrylic panels, etc., but also in the field of packaging and printing, cable and wire The field of packaging and printing, cables and wires, electronic industry and digital accessories.


    PE protective film for sandwich panel steel is manufactured from high-pressure polyethylene but depending on the relative density, it can be subdivided into high-density high-pressure polyethylene protective film, molar mass formula polyethylene film, and low-density polyethylene film, which is a more general sort of organic chemical polymer material compound. It is also the most common fiber material used today. This type of protective film has its own advantages, such as being able to protect products from environmental contamination and abrasion during manufacture or transport, as well as having the effect of maintaining the original glossy surface.



    Protective Film for Sandwich Panel Steel and Stainless Steel


    The extensive use of PE protective film


    Product packaging products why to choose protective film, commodity packaging can improve the value of goods is a very important one of the value-added, in the product storage, delivery, delivery of the whole process will be carried out for the product first packaging, and the selection of packaging products has a very large indoor space, generally have printed paper, metal materials, wood, plastic, vine, etc., in which plastic and metal materials are most widely used, plastic and printed paper most convenient. Therefore In the field of packaging, protective film as a raw material for plastic packaging products means that it is the more widely used and most convenient packaging product in the field of commodity packaging applications.


    There are many materials for protective films and a wide variety of thin and viscous goods underneath the materials. The more commonly applied materials for protective films are PE, PET, PVC, OPP, CPP, POF, BOPP, PC, etc. There will always be one that is suitable for the packaging of goods, and many types of protective films are commonly used in electronic devices, aerospace, and other fine high-tech industries. Shops can test and select suitable protective film packaging based on the characteristics and performance of their products. Most artwork and general products are selected from PE protective film for sandwich panel steel, while displays on LCD TVs, mobile phones, and other electronic products require PET protective film, and general packaging for shipping is applied to stretch wrap film.


    As a professional sandwich panel steel protective film manufacturer, we have been working in the field of PE protective film for sandwich panel steel for many years, and with our rich experience and professional technology, we produce high-quality sandwich panel steel protective films, which are sold at home and abroad.