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A Micro Wedding around the Isle of Arran That Happened Against

  • Artist married Landscaper on 2nd October at The Bower Hut at Machrie around the Scottish Isle of Arran. This beautiful wedding attracts me a lot as it reminds me of family holidays at Ardnamurchan around the West Coast of Scotland, where we'd go every year as children.

    Arran has a unique family connection for Tahli and Johnny plus they too were drawn through the opportunity of the sublime natural landscape because of the backdrop for their day.

    They wanted an appropriate, chilled kate middleton wedding dress that would complement the bohemian vibes of her big day, and she or he knew wherever to go to get this type of dress – made specifically for her.

    "We always wanted to get married at The Bower Hut at Machrie around the Isle of Arran that was the ancient fishing hut rebuilt by Johnny's Father Simon within the grounds of the house, Machriewater House." Click

    "It is how both Johnny's Father's and Grandmother's ashes are laid to relax. It includes a beautiful view and is a place where we have the very best laughter following a shoot using the beaters to express thank you for their effort, summer evenings, and new year drinks with close friends and family."

    "Johnny and I met through polo ten years ago then re-met again five years ago and became close friends. Like meeting at a crossroads in everyday life, we knew that the best friend is a partner in crime and wouldn't see life much better without being alongside forever."

    The couple hired a Scottish elopement and destination wedding photographer, who did the most amazing job in capturing the emotion and moments of the day…

    "I have followed Megan on Instagram for a while and happen to be in awe of her talent in capturing exquisite photographs within the moment and also the beauty from the scenery."

    "We feel we won the life span lottery when she confirmed her availability. She is a true artist along with a wonderful individual."

    Words of Wedded Wisdom

    "Trust, Love, Laugh, and Dance. Remember, it's in regards to you two, always remember that. Focus on why is you both happy and don't stray from this. Don't sweat the little stuff. Keep calm and keep on, it’s about love at the end of the day."

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