• I met Jack at the age of 15 through school friends. We started meeting up for walks at night and chilling out as teens do. Jack was very confident and I was extremely shy, so I'm unsure how that exercised!

    One day I received an enormous bouquet from him and I thought nothing of it. There was an email telling me to satisfy him on the seafront within our favorite place in which the views are beautiful. I was just referring to how awful boyfriend birthday cards are cheap they all appear to be husband cards… I turned around to some ring with Jack recorded on one knee and the words were 'better take that card in those days!', which made us both laugh. Of course, I said yes!

    As for wedding preparation, we continued to visit a marriage fair at Westpoint Exeter and Riviera center Torquay. I never read any wedding magazines but I used lots of Pinterest to obtain ideas for décor. I bought myself a notepad to help keep track of things I was required to do and purchase or book. My theme was blush and pastel colors and I've always liked the entire vintage/ shabby chic style. To budget, every month we got paid we put some back to an account just in case anything needed paying suddenly. A top tip I would give brides-to-be is to look around and don't be satisfied with the first thing the thing is!

    When I found the dress I thought I wanted a lace wedding dress with sleeves. I picked the feeltimes dresses. I chose it since it has beautiful lace and covered all of the areas that I wanted it to. It had lovely small details throughout it. It was also the gown that made my mum and sister cry so I knew it had been the one. I enjoyed trying all of the dresses on. As the gown had lots of lace detail on the top I didn't have to accessorize, the gown did it all of the talking for me personally.

    With current circumstances, the marriage ended up scaled down from what we should have originally envisaged, but we've got married and that's the main thing. The best part for me personally was seeing my hubby well up when he saw me coming on the aisle. He's never cried in the entire 12 years we've been together, so it had been a shock for me! The funniest part was Jack's terrible speech! He's a confident person, but with the marriage being on an inferior scale he didn't write an address down and thought he'd be able to wing it! I recommend your daughter's groom write an address down - it had been the shortest speech I've seen!

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