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A Micro Wedding, Inspired by FeelTimes

  • Let's stick very firmly using the sunshine today and get you back to that beautiful, golden moment this past year, between pandemic lockdowns, when weddings were allowed. This is the marriage of an Occupational Therapist and Josh, a Software Developer, who tied the knot in the very beautiful Herefordshire, in August this past year.

    "I purchased a lovely dress yourself in the sale from which thankfully didn't need any altering whatsoever because it had been a lovely relaxed fit. I loved putting it on because it had been flattering, but incredibly relaxed which was right for the design and style of our wedding. It was simple to put on and comfy all day."

    "With all of the bridal shops closed, I bought my veil from the shop on that means they are – it had been a beautiful one too. In the afternoon I wore a flower crown that I had made myself. I purchased a golden leaf and pearl wire headband that mounted on my head while I wore my veil as well as in the afternoon."

    "All of the bridesmaids bought their very own dresses! They are different people with various bodies and we wanted these phones to feel happy and comfy all day. We asked these phones to get dresses which were yellow bridesmaid dresses"

    "My mother, sister and I are reasonably familiar with flowers so bought our flowers a couple of days before at Vauxhall Flower Market after which made the bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, and table arrangements for yesterday's wedding." Go

    "We met through my sister – Josh was a part of a house tell her and a long time after we initially met, we started talking which eventually resulted in a few dates. Josh chose to live in New Zealand for any year which meant that I was a part for many of this time around."

    "About about six weeks before he came home, in October 2018, I flew to New Zealand, and during this time around we chose to officially start dating. The next year am lovely and we had a lot of fun together, researching each other on and on adventures. In November 2019 Josh proposed through the canal at King's Cross, where we'd had our first date."

    "It didn't go just as planned because just like he involved to get recorded on one knee, I was thrown out by some cops who were closing the towpath, but we were able to relocate and when Josh asked, I said yes!"

    Stef's dad walked her down the aisle. The plan was for both of her parents to walk on the aisle with her however the aisle was too narrow for 3 people!

    "We persuaded our vicar to permit us to understand the Church of England vows to ensure that we didn’t need to repeat after him once we felt these were the most significant bit from the day, and in our marriage. We also said our very own vows which my parents said to one another; 'From this very day, I will treasure you as mine. Where you go, I will go and Where you stay I will stay. Whatever we face together, later on, I will continually be there to encourage you in Christ so that as your husband/wife, I will always adore you.'"

    "We had two bible readings at our wedding – From Psalm 84 and Psalm 103. These are both passages of worship and given that I was not in a position to have sung worship, we desired to have passages that reflected songs which have encouraged us within our faiths."

    Words of Wedded Wisdom

    "Don't sweat the little stuff! Choose things that are most significant to you as well as your partner, concentrate on those, and don't be worried about the rest of it."

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