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The Sublime New 2022 Bridal Collection

  • Please, love this particular feature and allow it to wrap you up in contact with wedding bliss, whatever this very day brings.

    Sassi, like a lot of, arrived within the world of bridal almost accidentally. After agreeing to create a wedding dress for any friend, increasingly more requests followed and, given her love of design, it felt just like a natural evolution to produce her label. She now works from her base in Somerset.

    Known for the cut and fit of her a line wedding dresses, a Sassi Holford wedding gown always provides you with confidence and enables you to look, and feel, better.

    We spoke to Sassi for more information about her new collection and, we all know you'll accept us whenever we say this is one thing special.

    "Designers will always be asked what inspired an assortment and it can be tough to pinpoint one specific thing. For me, everything started with fabric that reflected light, created shadow, and gave a flirtatious feel. It usually takes between 4 – six months but Asteria was split up into two halves."

    "I started before the pandemic full steam ahead however once lockdown began, I pulled everything back and worked at a much quieter pace. I kept my original focus to create dresses that may work for intimate weddings or grander ones (when numbers allow)." Click

    When you are looking at the materials Sassi has utilized to build the gathering, it's no exaggeration to express they are utterly perfect. The exquisite modernity from the lace employed, the 3D applique that creates shadow, and also the vibrant embroidery encapsulates the gathering perfectly.

    "There is not a dress within the collection I'm not enthusiastic about but there aren't many I currently have a feeling are going to become popular. was designed entirely around the fabric and I knew I had to create a dress by using it as soon as I first viewed it. The vibrant embroidery that I've draped around the body results in a truly flirtatious dress that moves beautifully while you walk. I've also designed too!"

    "It sculpts the body most sublimely and also the flick in the hem right into fishtail results in a memorable silhouette. You will see an argument sleeves throughout the gathering too allowing brides to bop the night away having a simple change."

    "The collection has dresses that will fit a little, intimate wedding, city or countryside in the UK to Italy and also the US."

    "If you had been to ask me if I think the pandemic can change how brides look for a dress, I would state that, within the short term, understandably it'll. There is a concern for health insurance and welfare that is everyone main concern. It has been a remarkably tough year so far and each bride I meet continues to be affected in their unique way."

    "We have brides who may have had the rug pulled from underneath them this season and next summer's brides are anxious about what is to come. However, wedding gown shopping is a special and unique experience that you simply can't get elsewhere."

    "But, within the long term, I don't think this case will 'change' weddings. There is no denying the benefits, love, and togetherness of the wedding, whether it's for 15 or 150 people. If I had one message for anyone that has had to postpone or delay, I would say to keep in mind that love conquers all."

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