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Slaying and Training gear should be the same

  • At 60 , pray, is the chivalry difficult to attain? The claws of Fury? With Fury I may even make some extra cash. Any monsters which RS gold I can grind to gain profit from? Shield for P2P mage? Staff to use mage p2p? 1K Blue drags vs slaying? Are there any bosses or other characters I can do solo? Should I buy the torso? I'm 50 50 on it. Where can I find a group for me to GWD with?

    To be able to sprint 70 str at 70 mph How do I train? Would slayer be a good choice? If I want to defend 70, where should I train? I want this like really fast. ROL vs ROW vs ROR vs zerker ring? Claws of Guthix vs Saradomin strike vs. zamorok. How long will 99 fletching take? What's the price? How long will it take to get a staff and a cape from the mage arena.

    Do I have to be a saint to gain piety? Do I have to complete the quest to get the empty prayer book? Should I kill Jad? Some people suggest taking 200 jad sweets but they are 10K each. How do you afford this? With flasks and everythingelse, what will my inv. and the gear be. How much profit can it earn/barrows be running? Are there any monsters which I could camp on?

    Please give me an actual time to how time each question will take. If I typed a question two times, please ignore it as I typed this in the span of about an entire week. If the question isn't logical or can be answered using Google or wiki, then just put X following the question. Answer it using 1 word. I'm just seeking answers. And it keeps me optimistic that, after an 11 month period of no f2p comes 1 month p2p. F2P is otherwise so boring it makes you feel like you're dying.

    Really depends on if you're using a reference or not and if you screw up - I usually forget about an item , and the quests end up taking me a bajillion hours. Dragon Defenders are quite easy to get 15 minutes if you're lucky.

    15 minutes if already have tokens and are insanely lucky maybe. I'd say that you're likely having a few hours, probably longer. Priest In Peril, Lost Tribe, ANimal Magnetism, Wolf Whistle are all short and should not take more than an hour each. Ghost's ahoy and Fremmenik Trials are a bit longer but neither of them are extremely lengthy.

    Slaying and Training gear should be the same, and varies depending on what you're fighting. Castle Wars probably doesn't matter to much, the best atk bonuses for any style you decide to choose. It's likely that you'll simply be cannon fodder the 138s, if they choose to cheap OSRS gold play. I'm 115 Combat and the best me is slow the hardcore players down for a couple of seconds.