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We mentioned above that we would have


    With three full drops scheduled to be Madden nfl 22 coins announced for the Playoffs program, two of which have yet to arrive If Kupp performs well, it could be a big help in helping Kupp get the nod , and be a brand new Ultimate Team addition. If you're hoping to get Kupp in your team immediately the best choice will the TOTW player from Week 7 which features Kupp at 93 OVR rating.

    Another Team of the Week option from Week 2, which is more suitable to save money considering it's a 84 OVR card. It's also possible to purchase Kupp's Core Elite, which is an 80 OVR version or Kupp's own OVR Power Up, which is a 68 OVR Power Up to help in boosting the other.

    Madden 22 is constantly bringing new players to MUT 22, and the most recent group will be part of the Super Bowl Past set. However, we have some questions regarding these new cards.

    One of our most pressing questions concerns the teams that were not included in their Super Bowl Past set. The most notable are the NFL's most winning Super Bowl teams. We'll look at the players and teams we would've liked to see for The Madden 22 Super Bowl Past campaign.

    MUT 22, Super Bowl Past missing teams

    To be fair to the set, Madden 22 did include a lot of different players in the MUT 22 Super Bowl Past promotion. However, there are a handful of teams we'd wanted to see.

    The thought of all the available players that could've been turned into MUT 22 cards gets us excited. Consider a 97-oVR Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers 2011 Super Bowl.

    None of these teams was presented with any Madden 22 Super Bowl Past player card. We believe there are a number of players on each of those teams that played in the Super Bowl eras that we would have loved to see.

    We mentioned above that we would have loved to see an LTD Aaron Rodgers card, but even an Troy Aikman MUT 22 card would've been great. The Cowboys have the legendary wide receiver Michael Irvin as well that could've been a phenomenal receiver in the same vein as Larry Fitzgerald.

    Imagine a Madden 22 Jack Lambert linebacker card from his time as the top linebacker from his time. The hard-hitting linebacker was awarded Rookie of Year and was the central figure of the cheap Madden 22 coins Steelers defense, which won Super Bowl IX over the Minnesota Vikings.