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How can Lost Ark players level up to 50 quickly?

  • While the maximum level for a character in Lost Ark is level 60, reaching level 50 is more important for beginners in Lost Ark. All-important end-game systems will be available at level 50, and while it is true that leveling up to level 60 will earn more skill points, they don’t actually start playing until they reach level 50.

    If there are mmo fans who are interested in Lost Ark and want to join the game, they can skip the prologue after entering the game, and then ignore all the side quests, and don’t need to worry about whether they can get rich items, because when they enter the game After reaching level 50, about 99% of the items on the body will be replaced. In the end, they had better ignore all the adventure missions, but there is one that cannot be ignored, namely “Learning About Pets”, as the name suggests, they will get a pet as a reward. Pets are very important as they automatically pick up items and Lost Ark Gold for you.

    While dungeons are a great introduction to the game’s raid system, they take a long time to complete for early game characters. Completing them on “Normal” difficulty reduces the time to complete them. Once a character reaches level 50, players don’t need to worry about other characters, just use a free Powerpass to reach level 50.

    If players want to play as a group, be sure to take advantage of the guild system. If they want to further improve their character’s stats, make sure they can complete the deck and get the best rewards for their own character.

    If they can practice these methods perfectly, they will definitely be able to reach level 50. Players who want more help can turn to IGGM, Lost Ark Gold/Items/Boosting for sale on all servers are 100% legit. And everyone can get the best beginner’s guide to Lost Ark by IGGM for free.