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Lost Ark stuck with gold spammers and farming bots

  • Lost Ark players have reported a flood of gold spammers and farming bots blocking chat and hindering player progress in recent days. Although these two issues are of different types, they both hinder players from enjoying new MMO normally.

    Gold spammers are chatbots programmed to advertise gold sales in public chats, making it more difficult for players to communicate effectively and organize group events. There are also plenty of reports of character robots grinding the starting area. Not only does this prevent players from accessing key enemies in the area, the bots also result in lengthy server queues where players have to sit down to play the game.

    “There are tons of bots in almost every channel, every area of the map, every continent”. Amazon is aware of the gold spam problem and is taking steps to address it. In a status update on February 20, the Lost Ark team stated they are aware of the seriousness of the form and are running scripts frequently to ban them. They are also working on a more permanent fix, while advising players to use Lost Ark’s built-in option for chat filtering. Players can do this by clicking on the chat box “+” icon and select chat types to include or exclude to create a new chat tab. This will allow players to chat in hidden areas.

    However, the update did not mention the existence of agricultural robots in the game. These aren’t the only problems Lost Ark is currently facing. Many players are experiencing issues related to a premium account bonus called Crystalline Aura, while players in Australia are struggling with latency issues because of a lack of servers in the Oceania region.

    The purpose of players is very simple, and they just hope that they can get the most enjoyable feeling in the virtual game world. If they need to buy a lot of Lost Ark Gold, or find some friends to play with, they can definitely set a fixed long-term cooperation goal. Because that way, gold spammers and farming bots won’t bother them. Like the reliable helper IGGM, where players can visit the site to get everything they need, legally and efficiently.