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Lost Ark developers are tackling gold spam and bots

  • Lost Ark has proven to be a huge success for Amazon, but as the number of players grows, bots often appear. MMOARPG is still reaching the height of 1 million online players on Steam (according to SteamDB) three weeks after its release, despite increasingly frequent reports of gold spam and resource usage. In this environment, if players want to get enough Lost Ark Gold, then they must choose the official channel.

    Lately, players have been reporting that bots are sanding the starting area for completion percentages, taking up a lot of enemy spawns and quests. While there are some videos, some posts are more text or image-based.

    One problem with the community that has been around since launch is gold seller spam in public chat. Some players have taken to the forums and subreddit to report that the problem is still worsening. As the name suggests, players can manipulate bots to send spam gold sales posts in public chats, which prevents people from organizing events like dungeons. In a recent update on the popular issue, Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG explained they were aware of the issue and have since been running frequent scripts to ban them. They are actively working on improving in-game moderation tools and will continue to monitor, remove, and take action as needed for these gold spammers.

    While they’re working on a more permanent fix for spammers in chat, players can create a new chat tab by clicking the “+” icon and selecting the type of chat to include or exclude. There were also bot-related issues in the previous New World as well. Amazon Games has said that tackling the bot problem is one of their priorities this month.

    However, if there are still mmo fans who want to get into Lost Ark themselves, they can check out the Lost Ark Beginner’s Guide at IGGM and buy Lost Ark Gold in advance. If they don’t want to grind to level 50 for a long time, they can also choose to purchase Lost Ark Boosting Services and Power Leveling, which are both helpful.