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Lost Ark early endgame content will be easier to pass

  • Since Amazon Games and developer Smilegate RPG have already outlined various balance changes and fixes for MMOARPG Lost Ark, some Tier 1 and Tier 2 endgame content will get a little easier in the upcoming update.

    Players will play six early Guardian Raids and four Abyss Dungeons on a reduced difficulty level, which means they’ll be able to more easily pass these challenges to earn rich loot like Lost Ark Gold and other currencies. Amazon said the change was based on data and feedback. However, some content is still difficult for beginners, which may cause them to have a lower success rate in the initial challenge. Fortunately, rookie players can successfully complete these challenges by going through the stage guides written by IGGM in time.

    Players can practice and improve in Lost Ark over time, but especially with early game content, the developers want to make sure new players have fun learning and progressing rather than getting frustrated and giving up. While early endgame content is being nerfed, Amazon says Tier 3 and higher content is still challenging and will better improve the experience for players.

    At present, the development of Lost Ark is still showing a violent upward trend. Players will encounter more interesting and more difficult battles along the way. They must delve into the gameplay and buy enough Lost Ark Gold Currency to secure their place. The well-known game service provider IGGM will continue to provide strong support for Lost Ark players to help them continue to forge ahead.


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