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Bots remain a major problem for Lost Ark

  • Lost Ark’s bot problem has been around for a while, and publisher Amazon Games has taken some steps to address it. Players hope that the robot problem will be solved soon, which will also help increase their desire to buy Lost Ark Gold. On March 4, over 1 million accounts were banned for running bots, an unprecedented number. However, as mentioned in a recent update to its main issue, bots are still a problem.

    To counter the bot’s impact on the Lost Ark in-game market, the rewards for some missions have been changed from Lost Ark Gold, which is required for player-to-player transactions, to Silver, which is primarily used to pay for items and services. Rapport and Guidance tasks are affected by this change.

    One reason Lost Ark’s bot issues are significant is that players on EU servers often have to wait in long queues to play - it must be a pain to end up going online and then seeing apparently hordes of bots flashing across the map with the same gear, because they Travel from one quest giver to another. This prevents players from completing quests normally and earning Lost Ark Gold. This also limits the upgrade speed of many players, so most players choose to buy Lost Ark Boosting in order to solve the problem.

    Amazon noted they are happy to share that queues in Europe have become easier to manage. This results from many tweaks we’ve made behind the scenes, including improving game stability. Amazon knows it’s a long road for the many players who insist on using servers in Central Europe, and they’ll continue to monitor the situation and make improvements where possible. With the deepening of the game, players’ demand for buying Lost Ark Gold is getting higher and higher. They will choose to go to IGGM, which is a professional game service provider that also provides news and game guides.