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The best collectible in Lost Ark is Giant’s Heart

  • There are a ton of different collectibles in Lost Ark, but Giant’s Heart is arguably one of the best that players should focus on finding. In order to collect all Giant’s Hearts, players are not only willing to spend a lot of time but also exchange Lost Ark Gold with other players.

    Giant’s Heart is one of many lateral progression in Lost Ark. So, for players who are tiring of the game’s tedious quests and the grind of failure, it’s probably best to focus on Giant’s Heart for a while. It’s not a futile effort either, as the rewards for these items are pretty impressive. Players can also choose to spend Lost Ark Gold to trade with other players.

    They’re not collectibles like Mokoko Seeds or Masterpieces that players will often see, but there are only 15 of them in the game, and even collecting one is more work. Each Giant’s Heart requires players to face different tasks and enemies. In order to ensure the smooth acquisition of Giant’s Heart, players can prepare some Lost Ark Gold in advance.

    The most realistic order for collecting these apparently lore-important Giant’s Hearts doesn’t match the numbering of each heart in the game. Order matters though, as even three extra skill points can have a tremendous impact on Lost Ark’s content in all its forms, from PvP to Abyssal Dungeons and even Guardian Raids.

    So collecting at least four is a big bonus. Players need powerful abilities when facing missions, and Lost Ark Gold can help players quickly improve their strength. Players can go to IGGM if they want. Because recently they are giving away 6% free Lost Ark Gold to every player who buys Lost Ark Gold. This is a rare opportunity that players need to seize.