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Update content preview of Lost Ark in the next two months

  • Amazon Games released more information this week about their upcoming Lost Ark plans, as they revealed a new roadmap for April and May. Over the next two months, the diggers will get two new senior professional fighters. These two high-level professional fighters become powerful after players spend Lost Ark Gold. They’ll be able to fight, new areas added to the game for players to explore, some regular updates and bug fixes, and a new trial Guardian raid.

    The two newly added senior professional fighters include Glaivier and Destroyer, respectively.

    Glaivier employs an artistic and deadly form of martial arts, shredding and slicing across the battlefield, weaving the attacks together with her spear and broadsword. Glaivier has two unique skill sets that can switch between Focus and Flurry, each of which is represented by one of her two weapons. Shorter spears are used to unleash furious barrages in flurry stance, while longer spears use focused stance for elegant lethal strikes and sweeping attacks. Players can choose to spend Lost Ark Gold to get suitable weapons according to their needs.

    While some builds may focus the player’s attention on one weapon, an effective Glaivier can maximize their potential by balancing the two stances, accumulating power in one stance. This provides an impactful stat boost when switching to another stance. Glaivier will join Wardancer, Soulfist, Striker and Scrapper as the fifth senior class of warriors. This is a class well worth spending more Lost Ark Gold to upgrade and build.

    With a variety of skills centered on rushing into the center of the battle, the Destroyer’s hammer attacks are so catastrophic that they can bend gravity to their will, slowing, launching, pushing, and pulling enemies. Whatever it takes to transcend the shadows, destroy them without a doubt. The Destroyer will join Berserkers, Paladins and Gunslingers as the fourth fighter premium class.

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