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Omnium Star Guide in Lost Ark

  • There are many items in Lost Ark, which requires players to spend time to collect. Of course, players can also spend Lost Ark Gold to buy the items they want from other players. Omnium Stars are one of the most tedious collectibles in Lost Ark, and most players don’t even know how to get them.

    Omnium Stars is definitely one of the last unlockable collectibles in Lost Ark. Throughout the upgrade process, players can choose to collect Mokoko Seeds, Masterpieces, and even Giant Hearts. However, for Omnium Stars, it’s completely impossible to collect one without completing Punika and reaching a Tier 3 item level first. And, along the same lines, they’re also the most suitable Tier 3 collectibles, since they’re all scarce individually. So players who want to save time can buy it directly with Lost Ark.

    Mostly, all the Omnium Stars in the game are connected to Punika. The only thing that doesn’t have much to do with it is the Isle of Pain, but even then, it has something to do with the lore. So, when looking for these items, it’s best to have a Bifrost slot in Punika or Portal Stone, as the turn-in NPC for these items is Albion, a literal guardian like Argos, who sits next to Nia’s residence in Punika. Players can get some rewards, including Lost Ark Gold and other valuable items when they collect them all.

    Now, every Omnium Star reward collected is almost worth the time investment, more so than many other activities in Lost Ark. For example, collecting Mokoko Seeds can be fun, but often the rewards aren’t worth the time spent on each reward tier.

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