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Introduction About Glaivier Class in Lost Ark

  • Lost Ark is introducing a new class, Glaivier. With a combo-based kit and plenty of style to show off while taking out enemies, it’s perfect for Lost Ark. Players will spend Lost Ark Gold on upgrading and enhance this class.

    After multiple delays and changes to planned releases, Glaivier will be available this month. As we all know, Lost Ark had a pretty tumultuous month in March, and the developers are now looking to redeem themselves with this release. While player count still tops the Steam charts, many players waited for the update before considering returning to the game with Lost Ark Gold.

    Glaivier is a combo-based class somewhat similar to Soulfist. It’s also part of the martial artist character in the Lost Ark universe. Glaivier is like a mid-range fighter, with many combo-based AOE attacks. Glaivier is one of the most forgiving classes in Lost Ark, as their gear is full of mobility.

    If the player is feeling overwhelmed, good damage and a decent tank, they can rely on a lot of area attacks, it’s more of a hybrid class. It’s also a lot of fun to play this class because they really don’t have downtime and the players are always dealing damage. Even if enemies surround them, players can burst AOE and clear them to make some room for regeneration.

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