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Lost Ark will add two new classes in May

  • Over the next two months, Lost Ark’s new world and additional endgame content will also be on the docket. Lost Ark players will receive some major content updates, including two new classes. Before this arrival, players can prepare more Lost Ark Gold in case of emergency.

    The two classes that made their way into the Western version of Lost Ark were Greville, a female warrior who wields a spear and a sword, and the male warrior class Destroyer, who used a huge hammer to deal damage. Glaivier already launched in April, while Destroyer will be released in May. Players are already spending Lost Ark Gold to enhance abilities of this new class.

    The new DPS courses are just the tip of the content iceberg, and Amazon plans to roll out many other endgame events and areas in the coming weeks. In April, players will explore the new continent of South Fern. There will also be several quality-of-life updates coming this month, and the most exciting addition to the game’s rewards, including items like Lost Ark Gold.

    Looking ahead to May, Amazon plans to launch Trial Guardian Raids as another weekly endgame event, as well as a new proper Guardian Raid as Deskaluda. Legion Raids require eight players and introduce several new mechanics. Players are likely to see more content such as UI updates, improved party finder tools, updates to loot teardowns, and new hairstyle customization.

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