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Path of Exile patch 3.17.1b fixes some bugs with Maps

  • If players are having trouble getting Shaper- or Elder-influenced gears, they can Buy POE Currency and download Path of Exile’s latest update. This is because Kirac now offers affected maps as part of his Atlas Missions. Players can use this method to obtain the affected gear they need to supplement their builds.

    Since introducing the Siege of the Atlas expansion, Kirac now has its own set of Atlas Missions. To access them, all players have to do is talk to Kirac or go directly to their Map Device. Patch 3.17.1b also implements some necessary bug fixes. For some players they know the map can only be opened when hideout. That said, the latest update addresses an issue where players couldn’t start a Kirac Mission in their hideout if they were in a party, but they weren’t the party leader. Here are some contents of the patch.

    Fixed a bug where stats provided by Ascendancy Passive Skills assigned through Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Flesh would be temporarily lost when entering an area, causing Minions to be re-summoned or Auras to be re-cast.
    Fixed a bug where the Portal of the Polaric Void Arena did not close at the start of The Black Star battle.
    Fixed bug where Blighted Maps was affected by Pathological and Spores on Wind Atlas Passives

    These can solve some bugs players are encountering now, allowing them to have a better gaming experience. Or players can buy Chaos Orb at POECurrency to strengthen themselves!