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Something about The Eater of Worlds boss fight in Path of Exile

  • Probably a lot of players will want to cooperate with the new Eater of World’s boss battle in Path of Exile. Siege of the Atlas brings four new endgame bosses to Path of Exile. Among them, The Searing Exarch and The Eater of Worlds are considered the pinnacle Bosses. While the Exarch fight is fairly simple, The Eater of Worlds has some unique mechanics that can destroy the unprepared. So players need to prepare enough POE Archnemesis Currency to enhance their strength.

    Most of The Eater of Worlds’ abilities have massive tentacle slams, massive lightning blasts, and various projectiles to dodge. But there are floating grey balls floating around the arena, and players need to be careful about this. If they touch one of them, then it slowed their speed down. Stand in it for too long and they will die instantly. So players need to buy POE Currency to be prepared fully. If they get hit by one of them, use the move skill to escape as soon as possible.

    Eventually, Eater floats in the air and fires a blue beam to the ground. This beam generates an expanding energy field that deals significant damage over time and tracks players around the arena. They can go beyond the beam, but the degenerative field expands until it covers the arena. Then, it explodes and kills the player.

    They can end the attack by charging up the purple orbs that appear around the arena. The grounded counterparts of these floating grey spheres require players to stand within their radius for about half a second, after which it will flash. They can see the difference above. The sphere on the left has just been charged. Do this on each purple sphere and the beam will dissipate. The Eater will return to the ground. If they want to survive the battle, they’d better get more game walkthroughs and POE Orbs at Go!