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Ways to access and repeat The Eater of Worlds in Path of Exile

  • In Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas, it has added new bosses to the game. Each of these powerful bosses is worth playing, but if players are weak, they can take a lot of blows. Especially in the face of a boss with a unique mechanism like The Eater of Worlds, players need to get more POE Archnemesis Currency to face it easily. While players may not know how to access The Eater of Worlds, here’s everything they can.

    Just like The Searing Exarch, all you need to do to get to The Eater of Worlds is to follow the endgame quest steps for Kirac and the Envoy. Defeat Infinite Hunger in Atlas, then run a tier 13, 14, 15 and 16 maps under the influence of The Eater to earn invitations. Players will defeat this story version of the boss to earn Grasping Voidstone, which will level up all maps in the player’s Atlas.

    They can also earn another invite by completing 24 Tier 14+ maps with The Eater influence. Remember, the second repeatable version of the fight is tougher. So players had better prepare enough POE Orbs to improve their strength. This Eater of Worlds will have more health and higher damage, especially if they roll extra modifiers on invites.

    No matter what kind of powerful boss you face, players need to be ready for everything. They can get more news and POE Items at It’s experienced and safe, try it!