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Path of Exile Patch 3.17.2 brings the Corrosive Hunger changes

  • Patch 3.17.2 is now available for Path of Exile. This update makes adjustments to the Corrosive Hunger debuff. It also contains many improvements and bug fixes. The Infinite Hunger is a type of Eldritch Horrors introduced in the Siege of the Atlas expansion, in Seething Chyme. When players fight the Infinite Hunger, they get the Corrosive Hunger, a debuff that stacks infinitely. So players had better prepare enough POE Currency to improve their strength.

    The debuff reduces armor and evasion rating by -400 per stack. But now, it has been changed to -1% physical damage reduction and -1% chance to evade per stack. This change makes the debuff more bearable than before. The Corrosive Hunger layer is now completely removed when the boss drowns the player and teleports them away. Here are some improvements.

    Oil is now treated as Burning Ground and applies the Burning Ground debuff instead of Burning Oil.
    The number of Prefix and Suffix modifiers on an item is no longer preserved when rerolling modifiers with the Eldritch Chaos Orb.
    Added a new “/atlaspassives” chat command detailing the source of players’ Atlas Passive Points, and those they may still miss in quests.
    The Fragment Stash Tab can now accommodate Eldritch and Maven Invitations.

    Items in the Gem and Flask Stash tabs are now listed in categories alphabetically.
    The “Convert Maps” button on the Map Stash Tab is now only available if players have at least 1 non-removable only Map Stash set to the current map series
    Showing advanced mod descriptions is no longer an option, it is now always enabled.
    Vaal Omnitect and Atziri, Queen of the Vaal, are now also unselectable while invulnerable, preventing the Minion from prioritizing them over other monsters.

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