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The best builds players can choose from in Path of Exile

  • Path of Exile: Siege of Atlas brings more new content and challenges to players. But for some players, they may want to avoid various issues in the game. Besides preparing enough POE Archnemesis Currency, players need to choose a suitable build. Here are some options for players.

    Tectonic Slam Chieftain. It has a strong AOE damage output and high HP and defense, but its boss fights can take longer than usual, and it has low single-target damage. This solo class build has one of the best AOE damage output from Path of Exile. That’s because the AOE skill’s Construct Slam creates cracks in a wide area that can easily destroy low-level mobs.

    But it turns out that the Tectonic Slam Chieftain build doesn’t do much damage against a single target, which can make boss fights a little tricky but doable. If players pair Tectonic Slam with Endurance Charges, they’ll get explosive results that can reach over 300 million damage. Players who like AOE-style gameplay will also appreciate the Scion class, one of the most underrated classes in the game.

    Elemental Hit Slayer. It has unmatched single target damage and the best farming build. But it starts slowly and is a glass cannon. Elementalist is one of the best single damage classes in the game, especially if the player uses the Elemental Hit Slayer build. One reason it’s a great single player build is that it uses Elemental Hit, a skill that uses random elements (Fire, Cold, and Lightning) to deal a lot of damage.

    Also, if the player has a Unique Jewel equipped that can force the Elemental Hit to only use fire damage, it can reliably deal a lot of damage. This works especially well with Keystone: Avatar of Fire. If players want to get more damage, they can buy POE Orbs at to strengthen themselves. And it will also provide players with more game news and guides, go!