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Players can play Path of Exile on Steam Deck

  • Path of Exile is full of dungeons, scary monsters, and of course, spells. Using common fantasy tropes, players can choose from seven classes, including Ranger, Witch, and Templar, before starting to build their skill tree and explore the lands of Wraeclast. Surviving against living and undead foes like Mage Mercenaries and Spectral Corsairs isn’t easy, so players need to choose wisely and choose a class that matches their playstyle. And they should also prepare enough POE Currency in advance.

    The game is available on consoles such as Playstation 4 and Xbox One, as well as PC and Mac. Steam Deck is the first handheld console compatible with Path of Exile, although players won’t have the best experience. There is no verification status on Path of Exile’s Steam Deck Compatibility page, instead of only a Playable rating, which lists the issues players will face.

    The first issue is that with the default controller configuration, some features are not accessible and require the use of a touchscreen or virtual keyboard, or community configuration. Other issues players will face is that they need to configure graphics settings manually to function properly on the Steam platform, and sometimes mouse, keyboard or non-Steam platform controller icons will be displayed. The last problem is that entering some text requires manually invoking the on-screen keyboard.

    While Path of Exile technically works on Steam Deck, its lack of controller support and keyboard issues can frustrate novice players and ruin the fun factor. But die-hard gamers willing to fix these issues can still get a decent gaming experience. They all need to buy POE Currency at to strengthen themselves. It also provides more news and guides for players, go for it!