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The Difference Between Beach Towels And Poncho

  • Yesterday, my friend, who I hadn't seen for a while, asked me to go to the beach in Qingdao, so I said yes and the next thing I knew, we were off on a tangent. The next thing I knew, we were talking about what swimsuit to wear or what kind of beach towel to bring. When I was shopping online, I realised that beach towels and bath towels are not the same. I thought to myself, "It's just a big towel, why is it different? After I did a lot of homework, I decided to give you a comparison between customised sublimation waffle beach towels and bath towels.


    1. Appearance


    By looking at the appearance, you can visually distinguish the beach towels, the colours are distinct and different from the ordinary bath towels. The appearance of different towels is designed to match the environment in which they are placed. Bathrooms are usually places to relax and de-stress, and interior soft furnishings are mainly designed in simple tones, so bath towels are usually designed to match the bathroom style in a single colour of light or dark. However, to echo the blue sky and blue sea, the bright sunshine and the cheerful mood of a holiday, beach towels are usually designed in bright colours with a lot of patterned looks, a very personalised design. Also, as a beach holiday requires a photo shoot, customised sublimation waffle beach towels need to be stylish and in bright colours to accentuate the beach style.


    2. Size


    When I was shopping online, I noticed that the size of the beach towels seemed to be slightly larger than a normal bath towel, about 30cm in length and width. Why is this? Although their common function is to dry your body, as the name suggests, beach towels are mostly used for laying on the beach, so that when you want to sunbathe beautifully on the beach, you can lie on the wide customised sublimation waffle beach towels without exposing your head and feet to the sand. Of course, short people like me don't care about this difference.


    3. Thickness


    The thickness of the two is also different. The bath towel is thick because as a bath towel, it must be absorbent and obviously after a shower one wants to dry the body quickly to get out of the bathroom. However, when one is standing on the beach, one does not need such a thick towel. So customised sublimation waffle beach towels are relatively thin, they are not as absorbent but they are light enough to dry you off, which also means they are quick drying, small, light and easy to carry.


    Customized sublimation waffle towels

    4. Material


    The bath towels we normally use for home showers feel soft and absorbent. However, after one or two rinses in seawater, the towels can become smelly and less soft. However, the customised sublimation waffle beach towels are made with these issues in mind, so they do not smell or feel dry and hard even after repeated use in seawater.


    5. Suitable for the occasion


    As you can see, the front and back of the towels are the same, with the same material and colour, while the customised sublimation waffle beach towels have a different design on both sides, with one side being lint absorbent so that you can use it to dry your body when you come out of the sea, and the other side being flat, glossy or other materials so that you can enjoy the sunshine when you lay them on the beach. The other side is flat, glossy or otherwise, so that you can avoid getting sand on the beach when sunbathing.


    Once we know the difference between a beach towel and a bath towel, we can play without worrying that we will choose the wrong beach towel. However, it is important to choose a good brand and the quality of the product must be strictly controlled. Here, we can trust our brand, Oak Textile, as a professional and quality assured customized sublimation waffle beach towel manufacturer.