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Poncho Shopping Tips, Which is the Best Material for Ponchos?

  • 1, bright colors: whether printed or plain microfiber beach poncho, as long as the material is exquisite, the process in place, must be very bright, a glance at a sense of freshness, do not buy colour old microfiber beach poncho, because this towel is a generally simple process, the material used is very poor, hindering health.


    2, clear patterns, printing an accurate, full, novel, rich in the sense of the times: towel in addition to practical, or a work of art, lifelike, is a painting, is a decoration, give a sense of spiritual enjoyment, placed in any part of the room will not kill the scenery, do not buy shoddy, shaped like the gods of the counterfeit goods, so as not to reduce your taste.


    3, the texture of fluffy, feel soft: such adult hooded beach poncho give people a comfortable feeling of enjoyment, touch in the hands of elastic, stick in the face like a spring breeze, give people a feeling of love and lingering, towels should not be dry and hard, so as not to hurt your skin.


    Microfiber Hooded Beach Poncho

    4, high water absorption: microfiber beach poncho hydrophilic requirements are particularly strong, adult hooded beach poncho wipe over, moisture wipe dry, dust and dirt to go out, which requires a high-quality cotton yarn, advanced cooking and dyeing process, perfect testing, and inspection means, wipe in the face slippery, non-absorbent, non-staining microfiber beach poncho will affect the quality of your life.


    5, novel style, fine production; adult hooded beach poncho can have a variety of different styles, there are spiral, cut velvet, plain, printed, but also can be added to the satin file, satin edge, embroidery, applique, row of beard, inlay and a variety of craft means. These adult hooded beach ponchos are generally made from high-quality materials, with fine stitching, flat horizontal and vertical hems, just the right amount of logo stitching, etc. The towels look elegant and are not to be missed.


    When shopping for microfiber beach ponchos you must be careful to differentiate between materials and brands and pay attention to selecting a high-quality manufacturer of bath towels. We have many years of experience in the production and sales of microfiber beach ponchos, and we believe that you will be satisfied with the quality of our adult hooded beach ponchos.