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Lost Ark Tarsila Boss Guide

  • Fighting raid and field bosses in Lost Ark has numerous benefits. Defeating them allows you to gain valuable rewards. Rewards range from silver and cards to lost ark gold and rare items. In particular, Tarsila is a field boss that gives you the fourth Giant’s Heart. This guide will walk you through the Lost Ark Tarsila boss fight and provide you with general fighting tips.

    Tarsila is a giant spider field boss in Lost Ark. It can be found in the Lake of Eternity region of Shushire. First off use an ocean liner and sail to the Shushire area. It is by far the most convenient way to get to the area. Afterward, use the Nest Hill Triport and head north to get to the Spider Queen’s Lair.

    In addition, you must have the required item level to participate in the raid. For Tarsila, your item level must be at least 380, or else any contributions you make will not count towards the raid.

    Tarsila has 28,789,096 hit points. It has a certain combat style and typically uses the same technique to wipe out players. Tarsila will almost always attack directly in front of her with her claws. So we found it’s best to make ranged attacks while consuming potions to survive.

    Tarsila, like all the other field bosses, is renowned for the huge supply of loot you can obtain by defeating her. You can obtain honing equipment and engraving books to assist strengthen your character. Here is a list of all the loot items you’ll receive after defeating Tarsila:

    Tarsilla Giant Heart
    Forbidden Elemental Earrings
    Forbidden Elemental Ring
    Forbidden Magick Earrings
    Forbidden Magick Necklace
    Forbidden Magick Ring
    Destruction Stone Fragment
    Rare Battle Engraving Recipe
    Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe
    Epic Ability Stone
    Guardian Stone Fragment
    Star’s Breath
    Tarsila Collectible Card
    XP Card

    Unlike the World Bosses in the previous continents, Tarsila will normally take an entire day to spawn. And the benefit of taking on World Bosses like Tarsila is that multiple players want the loot and experience. So as soon as Tarsila spawns, it’s more of a race to get to this monster. You have to hit Tarsila a few times without dying before it’s killed to earn the benefits.

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