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Lost Ark: The issue of clothing for the sorceress class is cont

  • Lost Ark's class system is very popular, however, some players seem to be currently debating about the transitionalized witch class. Also, by the way, is selling low-priced, 100% safe Lost Ark Gold. If you need a lot of Lost Ark Gold during the game, you can visit MMORPGMALL to buy Lost Ark Gold at a discounted price.Lost Ark has received a lot of attention in the West, but some controversy has followed. Since the release of this explosive game, the issue of clothing for the sorceress profession in the game has been controversial.First of all, players can choose among five professions in the game, namely Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunslinger, Mage and Assassin. After choosing these main classes, players can also choose sub-classes later on in the progression to refine their playstyle and learn new skills to deal with new threats. Although, in Lost Ark, the mage class looks weak in the early game, making it difficult to know how to play this class. However, when players work on leveling up their characters, they can create powerful character builds. The mage class has two sub-classes, players can choose from bard or sorceress, both of which are focused on ranged attacks and spells.However, some Lost Ark players seem to be annoyed by the game's occupational gender lock. At the same time, they want the game to offer as many options and customizations as possible in other features like facial customization options for character creation. Since both mage subclasses are female characters, some players have complained that they can't choose their gender, and they can't change the size and other details of the character model.Some Lost Ark players have pointed out that the gear choices for female classes seem a bit ridiculous, especially for the mage class. Also, gender-locked careers and limited physical options are worth considering. As players level up and level up their sorceress, they find that the character's clothing starts to become skimpy, to the point of appearing completely unprotective.Finally, by the way. If you are missing Lost Ark Gold in your current game progress, you can go to MMORPGMALL to buy some. In addition to saving you time, having more Lost Ark Gold also allows you to experience the in-game trading system more freely, which will greatly enhance your gaming experience. MMORPGMALL offers a low price, 100% safe Lost Ark Gold, and they have a solid refund policy. You can also request a refund if you are not satisfied with the result of your purchase.