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Precautions for Mould Polishing

  • Fan speed controller switch mould polishing has two purposes; one is to increase the finish of fan speed controller switch mould, so that the surface of the products out of the mould is clean, beautiful and aesthetic, the other is that the mould can be easily demoulded, so that the plastic is not stuck to the mould and can not be taken off.


    Fan speed controller switch mould polishing should pay attention to the following matters:


    (1)When a new mold cavity starts processing, the surface of the workpiece should be checked first, and the surface should be cleaned with kerosene so that the oil stone surface will not stick to the dirt leading to the loss of cutting function.


    (2)When grinding the coarse grain should be done in the order of difficult first and then easy, especially some difficult to study the dead angle, deeper bottom to be ground first


    (3) part of the workpiece may have more than one group together to study light, to first separately study the coarse grain of a single workpiece or sparkle, after all the workpiece together to smooth research.


    (4) large plane or side plane of the workpiece, use oil stone grinding to remove the coarse grain and then use a flat steel piece to do light transmission detection, check whether there is uneven or inverted buckle of the bad situation, such as inverted buckle will lead to difficulties in the release of the parts or the parts strains.


    Fan Speed Controller Switch Mould

    (5) in order to prevent attention to the mold workpiece research out of the buckle or have some laminating surface need to protect the situation, available saw blade paste or use sandpaper on the edge, so that you can get the ideal protection effect.


     grinding fan speed controller switch mould plane with back and forth pull, dragging oil stone handle as flat as possible, do not exceed 25 °; because the slope is too large, the force from the top downward impulse, easy to cause the research out of many coarse lines on the workpiece.


    (7) If the plane of the workpiece with a copper or bamboo sheet pressed against the sandpaper polishing, sandpaper should not be larger than the area of the tool, otherwise it will grind to where it should not grind.


    The shape of the grinding tool should be close to the same shape as the surface of the fan speed controller switch mould, so as to ensure that the workpiece is not deformed by the research.


    If you do a good job of the above points, then fan speed controller switch mould polishing appearance will be beautiful.


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